Daydah Concepts Ltd

1. Certificate in Computer Applcation(CCA)
  • Intoduction to Office(Word,Excel,Powerpoint and Access
  • Intro to web(Basic concept of I.T")
2.  Web design and Development
  • Specialization in Front End Development, Backend Development.
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Introduction to CMS(Joomla, Wordpress)
 3.  Software Development
  • PHP and MySQL Foundation
 4.  CMS Administrator
  •  Specialization in Wordpress, Joomla
 5.  CMS Theme Developer
  • Specialization in Wordpress, Joomla
 6.  CMS Extension Developer
  •  Specialization in wordpress, Joomla

We focus on custom, mobile and web application deveiopment with our platform of choice as HTML5, PHP, J2ME as well as Android, JAVA and Blackberry-based applications.

Our suite of digital communication tools gives you the edge your brand needs. This includes: Short Messaging Services (SMS), Newsletters, Social Media Campaign and Survey tools.

While we offer support as a service for DAYDAH developed applications, we also provide on-premise server, hybrid & cloud solutions, VPN & IM, network infrastructure & management solutions.