Good Deeds: Epitome Products

Its not easy when you have bills hanging over your head. My subconscious is cruel, it keeps bringing it to the forefront of my mind, day after day. Thanks to the daily reminders, I cannot stand even a little debt because it would weigh a ton on my mind, and make me distracted. All this talk of debt and bills came about because I owe 25 Euros. Yes, Euros.

Its the Ironblogger way - if you skip a week from blogging, you owe 5 Euros on autopilot.
The good news is that you can either pay cool cash, or you do a good deed.
So, these days, instead of worrying about how to come up with the money, I try to come up with how to help someone.

Last week, a friend came by. She sells natural products like coconut oil, shea butter, and the likes. She has been doing it for a while, but she didn't know how to expand her reach, especially to potential online clients. I assumed that all she needed was social media set up, and a short tutorial on how to post her products and market them.
I was wrong.
I found out that she actually needed a business structure - she had no foundation for calculating costs, expenses or profits existed. So I removed my 'social media consultant' hat, and donned my 'business development service provider' heart.

I consulted for her, for free.
After a few hours, she had a tired smile on her face, and lot of homework to do.
By next week, we should be reviewing what she has done: cost calculation, business organogram, client list, and more.
Doing a good deed actually fills me with enthusiasm all over again.

For those in Nigeria, please order your original coconut oil, shea butter, coconut flour, carrot oil, and other natural products, from Epitome. Call 08032820027 now!