Flashback: Ahmed Maawy

So, I'm sitting at a grand dining table, feeding MJ from a plate of rice, pea stew and something called 'posho'. It was our second day in Kampala, Uganda, and the meal looked similar to what we enjoy in Nigeria - except the rice was a bit mashy, the 'posho' can be [mildly] compared to our local swallow food in Nigeria, and the pea stew is simply boiled green peas, with a mild 'maggi-ish' flavour.

Oh, and there's the beef stew - basically 'omi-eran' or boiled meat stock, with meat still inside.

As Speakers at the CMS Africa Annual Summit 2016, we were lodged with others in a grand house, with five bedrooms, a lawn big enough to be a stadium football pitch, and staff to see to our every need.

There I am, cajoling the little tyke to eat the food, when another speaker walks in. Ahmed Maawy had arrived late in the night but we had spent some time meeting up since then. Ahmed lives in Mombasa, though he grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. Even though he is of Yemeni descent, he is more Kenyan than my dark-skinned brothers. He was one of the speakers to handle the Internet of Things, which I was lookign forward to avidly.
We make light conversation, as I continue to feed MJ while Ahmed dishes onto a plate, the mashy rice, some pea stew, the meat stock, some 'posho', then sits at the table.

Then he grabs the bread bag, and puts some slices on his plate, rises up to wash his hands at the basin by the table, then returns to his seat.

He proceeds to mash the rice, and other stuff together using his fingers, pile some on a slice of bread, fold the bread slice in half, and take a bite.

I try to carry on the conversation but I must say I was fascinated. By the second slice, even MJ was watching him. I try not to look directly but MJ other ideas - he jumps off my laps, and walks around the table, to see better I presume. Ahmed offers him a roll. MJ refuses with a shake of his head, then returns to my side. He must have decided he had had his fill because he refused to eat any more food, but he kept watching Ahmed, who is blissfully unaware of the scrutiny, and continues tp ply me with many questions about Nigeria. Eventually MJ runs off to our room, and I hear him chattering away in baby-speak to his father, Vicky.
I smile.
I bet he must have been telling him that eating with one's hands is not limited to Nigeria after all.

Getting Ahmed to try our Nigerian cuisine this year, at the CMS Africa Annual Summit 2017, Abuja, Nigeria, should not be a problem.