PayStack and Cre8SMS

Good Deeds, PayStack and Cre8SMS

Anyone running a business that needs foreign exchange, especially with the American dollar, in Nigeria, is currently frustrated. The exchange rates have practically tripled in months, making production costs crazy, and turning profits to heavy losses.

Most of Daydah's products and services uses foreign exchange on a regular basis - our domain registration and transfer service, our web hosting service, even our Bulk SMS service, are impacted indirectly by the almighty dollar. As a result of the crazy rates, our annual projections for 2016 have become dreams and we are having to come up with novel ways to be sustainable.

Daydah's bulk SMS solution portal, Cre8, allows our clients to either pay in cash at our offices, or pay online. It had one online payment option out of the box, through Voguepay.

We recently discovered Paystack, which has a smoother user experience, and an option that defeats redirect fatigue. Besides, the merchant rates were less than Voguepay charges. We got excited, and requested for the cost of creating a payment plugin for Cre8.
The excited died instantly, the minute we were told that it would cost us two hundred dollars ($200).
Instead of panicking, I rolled up my sleeves and dug into Paystack's API.
The end result is the Paystack plugin. I got a boost in my morale, when the Customer Success personnel from Paystack, in charge of testing and approving our account, exclaimed that they had been waiting for this particular plugin for a long time. It feels nice to provide a wanted solution.

The exercise also gave me a chance to get to know Github better. Now our clients have another option to pay for instant units on Cre8.

And the best part is, we are giving it out to other people who need it, for free! That's our good deed to Nigeria in this hectic holiday season!

UPDATE: In case you are looking for information about app makers (you know, software that helps you get apps without knowing any line of code), I think you should check out Rahul Dasgupta's "Best App-Maker" article on Cloudwards asap. Thank me later.