TechPointToursMeetup Abuja

When I read on Radar that TechPointNG was coming over to the North to check out the I.T. communities there, I smiled. Tech Cabal's Radar is a sort of forum for I.T. that everyone contributes to, but the major user base is in Lagos. The topic was somewhat disturbing: it read like, 'Can anything good in I.T. come out of the North?' Several of us were irked by the tone, and said as much in the comments. I just simply said, we are waiting.

Having recently discovered the I.T. community here in Abuja, I was anxious to see their reactions when they were proven wrong.

Fast forward to November 8, when TechPointVPHubMeetup took place, at Ventures Platform's Ventures Park.

I was pleasantly surprised (I have been feeling this way a lot lately, right?). The TechPointNG guys were humble, as they coordinated an interactive session focused on two major things: How best to approach them to write our startup stories on their website, and how we can work towards building an ecosystem in Abuja.

They wasted no time in telling us what they like, what puts them off, how best to get their attention and more. It seems they really want to hear our voices louder, and want our stories read all over the country. They assured us that we had several things in our favor (among which is the lack of traffic bottlenecks they endure in Lagos), including a great environment where our visions and startups can thrive. They encouraged us to meet frequently, and take actions to bring lots of growth in our sector, because that was how it all started in Lagos some 6 to 7 years ago. They showed deep faith that they believed that Lagos is not the only Tech location in Nigeria, and encouraged us to show it to the world.

Afterwards, there was a lot of networking among participants, and I got a one on one chance to chat with TechPointNG Chief Editor, Muyiwa.
I almost got a selfie with the founder of Ventures Platform, Kola Aina. Almost.
Discussing with my team member, Samuel Oyeniyi, who attended as well, after the event, showed and reassured me that I was not the only one excited about it all.
Being part of a community really brings a lot of excitement and focus to the fore.
I have greater faith in the North now, in terms of I.T. and Tech growth.
Were you at the TechPointToursMeetup Abuja? What did you think of the session?