Kaduna Hack Series

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine got me introduced to one of the movers and shakers in I.T., in Kaduna.
Kaduna is about three hours away from Abuja by road, and is a Northern city known for its beautiful scenery, calm people, and lovely housing.

I did not know of an I.T. community in Kaduna, but I was informed that there was going to be a Hackathon event there, and got added to a Whatsapp group about it. Imagine my suprise when I saw that the twenty something members pitch in to help make the event a reality, for free. Several people volunteered to take ownership of aspects of the event, from making nametags for the attendees, to paying for the refreshments, to even video coverage and photography. I was touched. If only I belonged to a community like this in Abuja. If only there was one.

Chat with Audu Maikori, CEO of Chocolate City Group

Prior to the event, the organizers arranged several Twitter Chats with the speakers where in they answered questions from the organizers, and others, within an hour. Hashtags were used to keep a thread on the conversation. I participated in two of them, and I must say, it is a novel way to have an interview with participants contributing in real time.

CoLab, Kaduna

The event took place in the new CoLab, a technology hub that was just created, with coworking space, a conference room and more. As at the time, CoLab was yet to define a pricing model for their coworking services, and were offering both their WiFi and coworking space for free. The bonanz is over now.
The Hackathon is the first in a series that aims to help applicants narrow down, finetune and develop their startup ideas, into companies, that have a better chance of surviving well, than others.
I am silent most of the time, in the group, except when opinions about writeups, and graphics are requested.

The other members of the group are great names in Tech, that I had never heard before. I get to chat and pick the brains of the likes of Samaila Goje of Helpers Club, Yusuf Zakari the lead at Asusu, Aminu Bin Ibrahim of C3NX Technology Solutions, Franklin Chieze of Karabow, Isioma Benjamin of I Sabi Food, Aminu Bakori of Friendstie Concepts and CloudiumOS, Mubarak of Tech Arewa Blog and more.

I am overjoyed to discover that a lot of great things are happening in the Tech stratosphere, here in the North, and I am honored to be associated with them all.
If you are in Kaduna, please plan to attend the next one, check them out at their website for more details.
I will definitely be attending Kaduna Tech events in the future.
Have you been to Kaduna, Nigeria? Have you seen CoLab?