Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria - twice!

So Mark is here in Nigeria, West Africa. Yep, there is only one 'Mark' I can refer to like an old time friend like that - Mark Zuckerberg.

He sneaked into Lagos some days back, took a run in the Mainland, visited CCHub, and Andela [which he invested a couple billion dollars in some time back], and hung out with the kids. He also had a live conference with a roomful of people.

Then he sneaked to Kenya, and now he has sneaked back into Nigeria, this time

in Abuja.

He's meeting with our President,  and Vice President, then attending the Demo Day Finale, at the Aso Villa, today.

Its streaming live by the way, on Facebook. Oh...and he wore a suit - still cannot believe that! The only other picture I have seen him in a suit is with the Pope!

Everyone of my friends in the diaspora has been asking me if I got to see Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos. I was even told that if I prepare Jollof rice, he will come Unfortunately, Mark's visit is all about being at the right place, at the right time. He is a master of stealth in terms of his movement.

I am happy that he obviously places Nigeria as a priority. I am happy that our technology network will get the recognition it deserves, on the global scale.

Welcome Mark! I hope you get your fill of our delicious Jollof rice, and I hope you will also enjoy the taste of our awesome Pounded yam - as you enjoyed ughali in Kenya, in our post picture!