Hosting Customer Service

The last two weeks were a nightmare. I happened to visit one of the websites we are hosting with our providers two weeks ago. Its a Wordpress website, and what do I see? Lots of hacked nonsense on the homepage. I spend so many sleepless hours trying to sort it out - thank God for a month-old backup. Eventually, after two days and nights, the site is clean again.


The last week, as we are about finalizing a software deal with another client, I get the 403 Forbidden error again on the website we developed for them. I try to troubleshoot, but the public_html folder has been locked so I cannot upload anything to it. This means I cannot even replace the files that were corrupted. I contact the provider, and he tells me that the site is still hacked from my previous attempt at cleaning up. He says I should sort myself out.

The thing is this - if I do not know where the hacked files are, how will I 'sort myself out'? On his own level, the host provider can pinpoint the exact files that are running helter skelter. But he waits for our client sites to go down, and for us to raise tickets, before tell us. That, in my opinion, is terrible customer service!

So, in anger, I paid for hosting with SiteGround, and installed the most recent backup there. SiteGround has been nothing but gracious since I did so. They have kept me up to date on which files to clean, even called from the USA at least twice. They have been extremely supportive. They are very proactive and I must say I feel really cuddled and protected already.

Many times, especially in Nigeria, we do not take customer service, and customer care seriously. It is very sad. We should place the customers as our first priority. We should emphasize on keeping the clients we have, not treating them anyhow, after they have patronized our services. We should constantly look for ways to make our services better for our clients. In this case, security measures that are proactive, that help to stop most of the hacking in the first place, would really make life more bearable.

So, here we are, with 3 support personnel from SiteGround, working day in day out, to help us sort out something that I feel should not have happened in the first place - if only my previous host had factored high security into his service delivery.

It is well.