The power of Social Media

Social Media is extremely powerful. Its helped in numerous movements all over the globe. It has given the masses a voice, and every class of people, an equal ground, on many issues. For me, Social Media has given me a means to extend beyond my physical reach, both for business and in my personal sphere. 

I know some people hear of Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp and declare them evil [well, in my country, known for being very religious, this is true], but I must say, in my case, I am grateful to Social Media for shrinking the world.

Thank you Social Media, for making the earth a global village.

Recently, my life changed thanks to Social Media. I met again, the same clique of friends I had made twenty two years ago. Yes, you read right, 22 years ago, I made some friends in the first year of secondary school [this is like high school for the readers outside Nigeria]. I was yanked out of that school and taken to another, where I completed my secondary education. But I never forgot my friends, and as it turns out, neither did they.

One of them found me on Facebook, some years ago, and excitedly, we arranged a date. It turns out that we had been in the same university for years, and even at one time, the same hostel, but we never actually corssed paths. This goes to show that you can be near someone, so close physically, yet not meet the person.

So, last week, she added me to a Whatsapp Group she had created, with my other friends. And thus our friendship was rekindled. We have since been filling our days with lots of 'remember when's. It has brought up the youth in us all over again.

Last Thursday, I even had a date with one of them. We giggled like children, and sighed at the time spent away. There is no way to describe the euphoria of finding the people that were so dear to you, you lost a part of yourself when you could not find them again. 

If only Social Media had existed twenty two years ago, I would have kept in touch with my friends, despite the distance. Through Social Media, I have made new friends across the globe.

 If not for Social Media, I could not have gotten the role to be a speaker at the annual CMS Africa Summit 2015, in Nairobi. That trip got me more new friends who feel more like family now. And got Daydah a huge role for next year - more to come on that.

In my opinion, everything has a good and bad side, but Social Media's good side is much higher than the bad. But that is my opinion. What is yours?