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IronBlogger - My Good Deed

It goes without saying, that when you are selling something, it is essential to also patronize your product. In Daydah's case, one of the services we provide for clients, is online visibility through blogging, social media activities and more.


While caring for our clients, I have to admit that Daydah herself has been neglected in these aspects. That is why, when I was invited to join IronBlogger at Cocoate, I jumped at it.


What is IronBlogger? Well, its a group of people that commit to blogging weekly without excuse. Seriously, no excuse. No stories at all. If you miss the deadline, it will be counted against you. The agreed penalty will be demanded. In our case, the penalty is either 5 Euro, or the defaulter doing a good deed and telling us all about it.

The original IronBlogger participants were in the same location physically, so they could gather the money accrued, and use it to go buy drinks for everyone. For IronBlogger at Cocoate, the participants are all over the globe - East Africa, France, West Africa, and more. We are looking for more bloggers in case you are interested.

Of course the blog entries are mentioned on Social Media entries on Twitter, and Facebook, so each person's entry gets publicity, and a wider avenue for more readers. Visibility is a major plus for joining IronBlogger. Check our other reasons here.

IronBlogger even has plugins created to do the 'dirty work' of collating all the weekly posts. Its amazing how many other factions are out there.


Anyway, it turns out I missed one week. Thanks to no electricity for more than 3 days, I could not blog or post in time that week, so I missed it. But, no excuses remember? So I had to either pay up, or do a good deed. As I was thinking on what to do, we had a walk in customer at the office. It was after she left that I realized I had just gotten the deed done.

She wanted to know what a website would cost. I could have answered her and given a range, but instead, I asked what she needed it for.

Minutes late, I was able to determine that she was a writer, had a blog but no visitors, and needed to sell her books to a wider audience. She wrote French books for young students, to learn the language in a novel way. In the end, she did not need a website. She just needed publicity for her books and visibility for her blog. I gave her the details she needed to get started, and she left with a smile on her face, with a promise to return.

I did not make a sale, but I had empowered her to use what she already had.

My next step would be to invite her to IronBlogger, if the current members agree. It will go a long way in helping her get more visits.

In the meantime, as I have no Euro lying around, you can be sure that I will take the weekly blogging more seriously, and not miss any more posts.

I definitely will.