Introducing Cre8SMS

Daydah Concepts Ltd has always provided Bulk SMS services for our clients - believing that all clients should have an additional method of reaching their clients. For those who are not sure, Bulk SMS is a service whereby you send Short Messages to a bulk set of numbers through a system built for that purpose. The system uses a pre-configured direct routing to the networks, to send those messages to the numbers.


We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our customer experience, so its with great enthusiasm that we introduce to you Cre8SMS.

Cre8SMS is an SMS portal with many features that include:

  • Ability to Schedule SMS Messages
  • Ability to Send Bulk and Batch Messages
  • Ability to Upload Contacts in Bulk
  • Validate Mobile Number at Registration
  • Ability to Schedule Recurring Messages e.g. Birthday SMS
  • Ability to Pay and get SMS units instantly
  • Mobile Compatible Views
  • View past invoice records

The icing on the cake is the Mobile App [only Android for now] that our users can download and perform most of their SMS activities from, on the go.

We have also added fantastic support via our forum, so if you have any questions, fee free to drop us a line there.

We are working on providing the best SMS service at the lowest cost to you. We will definitely keep you updated.

In the meantime, visit and sign up to enjoy Messaging on the go!