On the learning path

I was apprehensive. Many things made it so for me. You see, I had promised a mentor that I could actually help out in his dilemma. He had paid someone loads of money, in British pounds, to develop a software. The guy had delivered, but had, in summary, refused to hand over the software. It took lots of emails, and even a visit with a lawyer to get the code from the person. And even then, we [Daydah] could not replicate the server environment he used to set up the software - he refused to give out the vital details.


Anyway, typically, I voted we redo, using Joomla of course. What couldn't Joomla do?

Well - I am finding that I am having to relearn what I know. Component development has seriously evolved from the days of Joomla 1.5.

Now there is Bootstrap, JQuery and many other things to consider.

The questions I had to battle with include:

- should I use a CCK tool like K2 or Seblod?

- should I use a form tool like Fabrik?

- should I just build a component from scratch?

- should I just drop Joomla and use Wordpress instead?


If you had to develop a custom-made software for a client, which would you choose? Please share your thoughts!