Goldman Sachs gives back - 10000 Women Scholarship

Good news for Women Entrepreneurs around the world!

Goldman Sachs, a firm known globally for investment banking has decided to assist women in business, in under-serving and developing countries. According to the website,

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women is a five-year initiative to provide a business and management education to underserved female entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets. The program is designed to drive greater shared economic growth, leading to stronger healthcare, education and greater prosperity in the communities where it operates.

The program heralds that,

 Investing in women is one of the most effective ways to reduce inequality and facilitate inclusive economic growth. Research conducted by Goldman Sachs over several years has shown that investing in education for women has a significant multiplier effect, leading to more productive workers, healthier and better-educated families, and ultimately to more prosperous communities.

Here in Nigeria, West Africa, the initiative is being run by Pan African University, through The Enterprise Development Centre. Pan African University is the 'mother' of the popular Lagos Business School, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. So far, about 400 women have been trained in the Certificate in Enterpreneurial Management (CEM) course, to which the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women Scholarship is tied.

Women have the opportunity to tap into this wonderful course - you will never remain the same from the first week! And winners from YOUWIN should know as several of them used the knowledge garnered during the course to excel in the competition. In fact, during the launching of the second season of YOUWIN, tagged YOUWIN Women, the first speaker among the three winners from the first leg of the YOUWIN competition happened to be a CEM graduate - Mrs Aderonke Oyetuniji.

Nigerian women - grab this golden opportunity now! Goldman Sachs is giving this gift to us all for five years only! See if you meet the criteria below:


Selection Criteria:
  • Company must be owned/managed by a woman 
  • Should be a functional business (at least 3 months in operation) 
  • Business must have high growth potential 
  • High local value added will be an advantage

You can apply now by downloading the form at the EDC website and sending it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible!