The Commonwealth Foundation is offering you £2000!

Its a new year! And to kick it off nicely, the Commonwealth is offering you £2000!

Well not directly actually. In their Commonwealth Short Story Competition for the year 2011, The Commonwealth Foundation promises £2000 to the winner! The Commonwealth Short Story Competition is managed in association with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, and is an annual scheme that aims to promote new creative writing for radio.

It was established in 1996 and its aims include increasing understanding and appreciation of Commonwealth cultures and the promotion of rising literary talents.

Entries are welcome from all writers - the pros as well as the amateurs but you must be a citizen of a Commonwealth country [see list here] and be 19 years or above in age. The Entries must be original, unpublished prior to this competition, and in English. They pegged the length to 600 words [nothing more than that, but less is welcome]. You can write on any subject though!


Apart from the grand prize, there will be four [4] regional prizes of £500, two [2] special prizes of £500 each, one for the best short story for children and the other for the best short story about 2011's Commonwealth theme, which is 'Women as Agents of Change'.

Entries deadline = March 1, 2011.


Note that entries will only be accepted via their online entry form. They will send you a confirmation email after you have completed the online form, and the email will contain a reference number for use in any later correspondence with the Commonwealth Foundation.


Advice: Read all about it here! But most importantly, before you start, read 'How to write a short story for radio here'! Review the past winning stories from last year as well. It seems the winners are those that leave you to use your imagination to grasp the whole picture - they give you just enough to get it. The last words are the killers - they would make you burst into laughter as understanding dawns on you!

Happy writing!!!