Thanks to my issues with phones recently, I have become addicted to tinkling with Android phone operating systems. Once I get one, the first thought that comes to mind is how to root it, and install a custom operating system on it. The ability to actually remove all the heavy bloatware that comes with a stock firmware on a phone, is a huge relief! Add a comment

CoLab, the hub to be in Kaduna if you are interested in what's hot on the tech scene, is hosting a Facebook party. Just kidding. Its actually a Facebook Bot party, and its for developers and others who are interested in understanding Facebook's Bot Framework and how it works. There is a Facebook Bot Challenge ongoing, and we hear that prizes are up for grabs. CoLab is in Kaduna (duh!), but not to worry. The train express is so cool right about now! It will definitely be a fun trip to and fro for anyone going from Abuja. Date: March 25th, 2017. Interested? Curious? Then sign up via this form asap. See you there! We (at CoLab) are having a Facebook sponsored Bot Party on the 25th of March, to walk devs through Facebook's Bot Framework and encourage people to enter the Facebook Bot Challenge. Add a comment

Ventures Platform is an accelerator that finds, support and fund founders who are resolute, creative, independent thinkers with a deep rooted hunger to win.

We are sector agnostic; we fund companies across all sectors. We offer $20,000, solid mentorship and a ton of support to help companies grow really fast.

Application for our second cohort is still open, if you are building an awesome product that solves a real problem or know anyone who is, we would love for you to apply or share the link with them.

Application closes on the 11th of March, we recommend applications come in early. Companies that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications.

Apply here:

Please find a list of the companies we fund and support here: Ventures Platform Accelerator

The Future is shared!

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Epitome Coconut Oil

Its not easy when you have bills hanging over your head. My subconscious is cruel, it keeps bringing it to the forefront of my mind, day after day. Thanks to the daily reminders, I cannot stand even a little debt because it would weigh a ton on my mind, and make me distracted. All this talk of debt and bills came about because I owe 25 Euros. Yes, Euros.

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