Mrs. Aderonke Oyetunji, a YOUWIN winner, and the first among three female winners to speak at the launch of Youwin Season 2, tagged YOUWIN WOMEN, is a graduate of CEM, set CEM A2 to be precise.

What is CEM?

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Its a new year! And to kick it off nicely, the Commonwealth is offering you £2000!

Well not directly actually. In their Commonwealth Short Story Competition for the year 2011, The Commonwealth Foundation promises £2000 to the winner! The Commonwealth Short Story Competition is managed in association with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, and is an annual scheme that aims to promote new creative writing for radio.

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We now know that even the world bank has taken the plunge  - we are talking about the plunge into the usefulness and efficiency of application development in creating awareness for projects.

In this case, the World Bank has a new challenge for you - Creating innovative software applications that will move the world a step closer to solving the most pressing problems on this planet.

Titled 'The Apps for Development Competition', its an activity that will bring the software development communities and the development practitioners together to make visionary applications that will use the recently launched free-to-use World Bank Data.

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