On the Learning Path

I was apprehensive. Many things made it so for me. You see, I had promised a mentor that I could actually help out in his dilemma. He had paid someone loads of money, in British pounds, to develop a software. The guy had delivered, but had, in summary, refused to hand over the software. It took lots of emails, and even a visit with a lawyer to get the code from the person. And even then, we [Daydah] could not replicate the server environment he used to set up the software - he refused to give out the vital details.

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The International Women’s Day is a day that is marked for celebrating women’s achievements, and calling for greater gender equality across all works of life. The date is March 8 every year, and it has been marked annually since 1911. Thousands of events are utilized to mark this great day, across every nation in the world, and Abuja, Nigeria was no exception.

The Enterprise Development Centre [EDC] of the Pan-Atlantic University of Nigeria, once again marked the International Women’s Day, in Lagos and in Abuja, and Daydah Concepts Ltd was opportuned to be there, and to participate in the program.

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When I got the invite from a friend, months back, I was doubtful that I would be able to make the program, yet I found myself looking forward to it, after I was persuaded to apply.

The program, entitled, “Women with Innovative Minds”, was to be delivered to us on Thursday March 5, 2015, by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who’s initials, PWC stand out much more than their full name.

Nigeria surprised us all last year, when it promised to give us a fair and square competition, run primarily with technology, named the YOUWIN competition. The President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan claimed that there would be no 'jumping queues', partiality or 'cutting corners'. While some people that were disqualified in the first and second parts of the competition cried 'foul! corruption', many in the same position heralded it as a 'corruption-free' process. Six thousand passed the initial stage and got essential business training, out of which One thousand two hundred winners emerged from the debut edition and they have received the first tranch of the financial assistance they requested for in their businesses. 

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